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Solar panel house in worcestershire

Solar PV and battery storage systems that can help you save money on your energy bills

Alun Pryce Electrical Contractor is a battery storage engineer that provides reliable solutions for clients in Mid & North Wales and surrounding areas. Solar battery storage gives consumers like yourself the ability to store electricity generated from the sun via your solar panels.

This energy can be used immediately or at a later date. Installing a solar battery system to your home increases your consumption of renewable energy to helps you gain independence from the grid.

Properties that do not have a battery rely on energy from the national grid - the cost of energy from the grid might be higher than the cost from solar. Several battery systems come with a 10-year warranty and require little maintenance.

Solar PV panels can last up to 40 years or more. This means that the main cost lies in the initial installation and then subsequent battery replacement costs. If you are looking for a battery storage system for your off-grid energy solution, then give me a call on 07966 231272 for your consultation today.

Our Services

I offer a range of services that compliment battery storage like solar panel installation. Additionally, you can hire me for traditional services that you would expect from an electrician like electrical design, electrical installations, data cabling, and much more. 

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List of electrical services 

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Choose Alun Pryce Electrical Contractor as your battery storage system expert.

You can take advantage of a free initial consultation to get an idea of solutions I offer that will help take your house’s energy consumption to a greener future. 

Get in touch for advice from a fully qualified solar panel engineer. 

Call 07966 231272 for your battery storage consultation today.

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